TAWLS 50th Anniversay Logo Unveiled & Sign Up Now to Recieve Rhinoalerts


At the last Executive Committee Meeting the TAWLS 50th Anniversary Logo was unveiled.

Look for products displaying the celebration logo at the TAWLS On-line Store in February!


Rhino Alerts is now available. TAWLS has subscribed to the system in order to alert members, via text messaging or email, regarding important TAWLS events and school or district closings.

In order to subscribe to these alerts, please complete the following:

  1. 1.      Go to www.rhinoalerts.com
  2. 2.     Find Lucas county and click on it
  3. 3.     Click on “TAWLS”
  4. 4.    Click on “Subscribe to alerts”
  5. 5.     Fill in your name
  6. 6.     Do not fill in anything for subscription expiration date
  7. 7.     Choose whether you would like text, email, or both type of alerts and fill in the proper information.
  8. 8.     Once you have completed all the information, click the “COPPA Compliant” box and then subscribe.

Once you have been added to the alert system, you will receive a message (text, email, or both) that comes from tawlsofficers@gmail.com indicating that you have been added.




The Employee Memorial Scholarship Committee is proud to announce
the opening of the TAWLS On-Line Store presented through
Monster Graphics.   You many now buy TAWLS apparel from
the comfort of your own home! All proceeds from the store
will go to the Employee Memorial Scholarship Fund.

To access the store just click on the link below!


Look for new TAWLS items every few months.
If there is an item you would like to see offered
send an E-mail to Dana Edmonds.

The Employee Memorial Committee
would like to thank you for your continued support!
Working together to support the educational
and professional goals of  our kids!


TAWLS Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence! OEA Recommended Candidates


Did you hear? TAWLS is celebrating 50 years!

May 23, 2013 – Save the date for the TAWLS Banquet! More information to come!

OEA RECOMMENDS: Click on the link below to see a list of OEA recommended candidates.
Remember to vote on November 6th!

OEA Recommended Candidates

Coming Soon….TAWLS plans to roll out an electronic newsletter by the end of 2012!
The newsletter will contain stories focusing on all the great things Washington Local teachers
and buildings are currently doing!