1. OFFICER ELECTIONS: The position of TAWLS Corresponding Secretary is completely open starting next year and is a two year term. If questions about the position/duties contact Melissa Fitzgerald. If interested please notify Lisa Raczkowski (Elections Chair) and Chris Hodnicki by APRIL 15th ( an exception due to the recent notice). Elections, if more than one candidate for Corresponding Secretary, or other positions, will take place on the last Wednesday in April by secret ballot. If only one candidate per position, the individual will be elected by acclamation at the General Assembly and assume the position through the oath of office at the spring banquet.
      1. For President – Christopher Hodnicki
      2. For Vice President of Policy & Grievances – James Terry
      3. For Corresponding Secretary –
    3. BUILDING REP ELECTIONS: If there is need for building representative elections, in your building, please notify Lisa Raczkowski if interested in seeking a position. If the candidates is unopposed, they are elected by default/acclamation. If needed in your building, building representative elections will take place on the first Monday in May by secret ballot.
  2. PICTURE REQUEST: TAWLS needs your pictures or of colleagues for our spring banquet to showcase the outstanding work all of you do inside and out of the classroom. Please send them to Melissa Hieronimus (TAWLS Historian) and Dana Edmonds (TAWLS Webmaster) ASAP.
  3. RESPECT AND CIVILITY: As teachers our commitments are numerous and extensive. No one person can put a price on all of the hard work, dedication, passion, and enthusiasm that we utilize in our day. While our experiences and commitments might be different, they are not less valuable, and should not be viewed as such. Whether you coach, advise a club/activity, or through your classroom experiences, the work and commitment is deep and profound. Others may not see it nor realize the behind the scenes work that one does, but TAWLS does and appreciates it. If you are concerned about the level of commitment or responsibilities a coach or advisor does, PLEASE discuss it with them. We do not want to result to rumors and innuendo’s about our perceived notion of another members job or responsibilities. We are all professionals on the same team, for the success of our district, regardless of our duties. Let us not create divides or separations based on our duties.

Contract Extension Approved by TAWLS Membership

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On behalf of TAWLS, I am pleased to announce that our membership has voted in favor of extending our contract through the 2016 school year. With 318 votes received, 314 voted in favor and 4 opposed. The contract extension for the 2015-2016 school year will institute a 1.5% increase to the base, maintain steps, increase the monthly health insurance premium by $15 for family and $10 for single.

Overall, this extension showed our willingness to help the district remain financially stable, maintain teacher employment, and work toward passing the levy in the fall.

Finally, TAWLS greatly appreciates the hard-work, dedication, and passion that you exhibit daily. Without your support, we would not be able to maintain and foster the collaborative environment with administration that can yield positive outcomes.

With Unity-
Christopher Hodnicki, M.Ed.
Social Studies Master Teacher,
Senior Class Advisor-Student Council,
President-Teachers’ Association of WLS,
Whitmer High School, c/o ’98

“#1 Top Workplace in the Region for 2014.” ~The Blade & Workplace Dynamics, LLC~