Parade 2

Special Board Meeting:  Tomorrow,April 29th a special WLS Board Meeting will be held at 5:00 p.m.  One of the agenda items that concerns ALL OF US is funding allocated for professional development.  The Ron Clark Academy is one example of professional development our TAWLS members have had the opportunity to pursue in the past if they wanted to.

The position of TAWLS has always been the following: We are not against, nor are we for it, but essentially WE LEAVE THE DECISION FOR OUR MEMBERS TO DECIDE on that professional development. We shall support those who attend and are willing to share the experience to initiate school change/improvement and we shall support those who decline to attend and wish to seek out alternative professional development. We are all professionals and we shall respect your decision on the issue.  If you are interested in supporting the opportunity for teachers to attend the Ron Clark Academy, TAWLS Members having a VOICE in their future professional development, please consider attending the board meeting Wednesday…even if you do not want to speak.

TAWLS Spring Banquet:  Thank you to the TAWLS Banquet Committee for organizing a wonderful evening recognizing our fellow TAWLS members last Thursday.

HB64 (Budget Bill):  Last week the Ohio House Finance and Appropriations Committee adopted a substitute bill to House Bill 64.  This bill includes a provision that would effectively strip nearly all full-time higher education faculty members of their collective bargaining rights.  OEA strongly opposes this provision.  An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us!!  This provision closely mirrors a provision that was included in Senate Bill 5.  Click here to urge your State Representative to protect collective bargaining rights for higher education faculty.


ESEA Update:  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) confirmed that the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015—the ESEA rewrite approved 22-0 by the HELP Committee last week—could come to the Senate floor in the next couple weeks.  Thanks to the advocacy and activism of educators like you, the bill improves upon No Child Left Behind in important ways. But it still needs work. We need to keep advocating for further changes to ensure equity and equal opportunity for the students most in need.  To help preserve our gains and further strengthen the bill, members nationwide have taken part in NEA’s April wave of action and have sent nearly 150,000 messages to Congress. Don’t stop!! Continue to make your voice be heard by contacting your senators usinghttp://www.ohiosenate.gov today!!

Our core goals remain: 

  • A new accountability system with an “opportunity dashboard”
  • Less testing to give students more time to learn
  • Decoupling high-stakes testing and accountability
  • Ensuring qualified educators and empowering them to lead

Congratulations:  Congratulations to Kathy Chaka and Matt Kizaur our 2015 TAWLS Outstanding Teacher award winners.  Congratulations to Jim Terry the 2015 TAWLS Outstanding Educator.  Congratulations to Jennifer Gent the Jim Terry TAWLS Distinguished Service Award winner.

Concerns:  If you are experiencing a situation in which you feel that our TAWLS negotiated agreement (our contract) is being violated in any way, please contact your individual building representative first for direction and advice.  Our BRs are very knowledgeable and are willing to assist you whenever needed.

TAWLS Coffee Mugs:  If you would like a TAWLS coffee mug, please contact Chris Hodnicki.

Did you Know:  Did you know that when our second wave of standardized testing has been completed, Washington Local Schools will have administered 42,356 tests!!!  Let’s not forget to mention that each PARCC test costs roughly $22 a piece!!!!!