TAWLS Tuesday 3/22/16

TAWLS Awards:  Nominations for the TAWLS Outstanding Teacher and the TAWLS Outstanding Educator are due by this Thursday, March 24th to Heather Densmore.  Attached you will find the applications.  Please consider nominating one of your well-deserving colleagues.

 TAWLS Awards – Outstanding Educator

TAWLS Awards – Outstanding Teacher

The Scholarship Committee Needs You:  The Scholarship Committee is looking for up to 5 TAWLS members to serve on the committee. Committee members discuss and select recipients of the Employee Memorial Scholarship and the Anderson Mater Scholarship.  Please contact Dana Edmonds or Heidi Hartman if you are able to help.

TAWLS Spring Banquet:  This year’s TAWLS Spring Banquet is being held on Thursday, April 28th.  Invitations have been distributed and RSVPs are due to Joy Krajewski by April 8th.

Terry Time at the Mud Hens: Saturday, May 7, 2016 will be our Mud Hens annual event.  Invitations will be delivered after Spring Break  Emily Schifko and Cheri Schober have begun reaching out to local restaurants/bars/etc. for donations for the event. They would like to sell tickets again and have a raffle at the end of each inning, with a larger raffle during the 7th inning stretch. Again, all proceeds will benefit the Zielinski/Terry Memorial Scholarship fund.

OEA STRS Board Endorsement:  Beginning in April, STRS will conduct an election for a member of the board of trustees representing contributing (active) members.  OEA has endorsed Tim Myers for reelection to this position.  Myers has served on the STRS Board as a representative of active teachers since 2009 and also currently serves as the Ohio Education Association Secretary-Treasurer.  He is a middle school science teacher from Elida with 35 years of experience.  Ballots will be mailed to active teachers and faculty in early April.  Members will have three voting options: mail, phone or online.  Votes must be received by May 2, 2016.

STRS Recommended Healthcare Changes:  During the February meeting of the STRS Board, STRS staff presented a number of proposed changes to the health care program for the Board to consider instituting beginning in 2017.  The most impactful of those changes include a reduction of Medicare B subsidies (beginning a three year phase-out of the subsidy), a $50 per month surcharge on enrollees who are not eligible for Medicare A, and a reduction of the premium subsidy for those under 65.  Other proposed changes include:

· Increase emergency room copays to $75 from $65 for Medicare plan enrollees.

· Increase urgent care copay to $40 from $35 in all plans.

·  Discontinue coverage for proton pump inhibitors.

·  Adopt preferred network for retail pharmacies and increase copays at non-preferred network pharmacies by $10.

·  Discontinue the one-half copay program for diabetic prescriptions.

· Increase coinsurance percentage for specialty drugs to 15% from 10% and the per-prescription maximum to $600 from $500.

· Discontinue Medicare Part B reimbursements for survivors and beneficiaries who were age 65 by 2008.

· Discontinue offering coverage to sponsored dependents of unmarried retired teachers (does not include incapacitated adult children).

· Change dependent children premium to a per child premium.