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TAWLS History

From Mary Karazim, past President (May 20, 1988)

Often in the last few years I have heard association leaders, both here at home and at the state level, lament the fact that the beginning members in the profession today have no concept of “how it was then” and how many things that we take for granted today were “won” only after hard, long struggles.  In preparing for our TAWLS twenty-fifth anniversary banquet, I researched the minutes and other documents we have.  I was present at the meeting in 1963 when it was declared that the WITA (Washington Township Teachers’ Association) was being dissolved because all it really accomplished was to have a banquet in the spring and to thank the Superintendent if some kind of a raise was given.  If we were to change our attitude and become necessarily militant, we should have a new name so that all ties to our old image would be gone.  Thus was born TAWLS.


  • There will be a 2 mill operating levy to fund the building of three new schools. 
  • Establishing a credit union has been discouraged due to the bookkeeping required. 
  • Art Rice is in charge of a teacher’s newsletter, “Reflector”.
  • There will be a salary schedule adjustment.


  • There is a report that, “Schools are paying extra money for hours beyond bachelor’s degrees, but it is not generally accepted.”


  • Vote to increase dues to $1.00 effective 9/56.


  • John Hersland is appointed to find out more about credit unions.


  • The Teacher Protection Committee is formed “as insurance against lawsuits, parental watch, etc.”
  • A Levy Promotion Committee is formed – 3.4 mill renewal.



  • Credit union deductions will be made provided that things are organized in such a way that a lot of time will not be taken by Mr. OK Benton’s office.


  • Bond levy support, WITA contributes $25.00


  • Banquet plans for retiring Earl B. Driver.  The cost is $2.75 for dinner and gift donations.  Edward C. Kutz will be toastmaster.


  • Mr. Nightingale says, “If money is available a raise will be given in January without us asking for it.  It will be $100.00 or $150.00 across the board.”  He also said, “The hardest teachers to hire were at Shoreland this summer.  No one, even subs, likes to go so far.  It got to the point where some had to take Shoreland or no job.”


  • Dear Mr. Nightingale,

     On behalf of the entire staff the executive committee of Washington

Township Teachers’ Association would like to express their appreciation to the Board for the raise in salary that was received for the first of the year.

     We have long been aware that the teaching standards in Washington Township are high and it is through the continued efforts of our school officials that these standards are upheld.

                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Dorothy Klapp, Secretary WITA

There are no minutes from September, 1959 through September, 1963 in the records.


  • First General Meeting of the Teachers’ Association of Washington Local Schools, President Richard McLeod presiding.
  • Steve Kerlin gives a report on the OEA Leadership Conference.
  • The first motion passed for TAWLS:  OEA will be called upon for aid and assistance in investigating the financial situation of our school system.
  • There is a committee appointed to investigate recommending candidate(s) for the Board of Education – Tom Updike, Jerry Ice, Don Corfman, Dave Beck, Fern B., with Don Corfman as chairman.
  • There is a committee formed to conduct a survey and study regarding the possibility of securing planning periods – Richard McLeod, chairman, Miss O’Rouch, Miss Sutherland, Zina Albert, Sue Chamberlin, Helen Lassen, Phil Devine.  Mileage reimbursement will be $.07.
  • It was also decided it would be wise to withhold the names of persons making and seconding motions from the minutes.


  • Ed Hoon, addresses the Executive Committee on how to attain our goals.


  • Steve Kerlin is named Professional Negotiations Chair.


  • A recommendation is made to support Dr. Jones and Dr. Krakoff as board candidates.  The motion failed 64/68.  A levy promotion committee is advocated.


  • The PN Committee meets with H. S. Nightingale to explore the possibility of establishing a policy to handle complaints, grievances, etc.


  • There are 78 new teachers in WLS. 
  • The levy will be 3 mills and salary adjustments are contingent on passage.


  • Art Rice is appointed editor of the TAWLS Newsletter.


  • Rey Scofield, from Trilby, is appointed chair of the Handbook Revision Committee.
  • TAWLS pays $5.00 membership fee so each board member can be an associate member of OEA.
  • The council approves an OEA research division attitude survey.



  • Gladys Schmitt makes a PR & R report to explain how grievances will be handled.
  • There are questions about how spring parent conferences are to be handled.
  • A letter is sent to the OEA PR & R Committee asking for an investigation of the Jefferson situation.


  • The Executive Committee reaffirms its position on curtailment in non-academic areas if the May levy fails.
  • Members are urged to write to congressmen and senators about pending Civil Rights Legislation.


  • Steve Kerlin announces there is now a Professional Negotiation Agreement between the Board and TAWLS.
  • The LCTA (Lucas County Teachers’ Association) will disband and TAWLS can affiliate directly with OEA.  Norm Hunter is appointed to prepare the details.
  • There is a recommendation that TAWLS dues be increased from $1.50 to $2.50


  • President McLeod resigns.  There is a vote to send three delegates and six alternates to the Kent Leadership Conference.


  • There is a discussion with Superintendent Nightingale about each teacher receiving a half hour duty free lunch.


  • Jalan Aufderheide is chairman of the Salary Committee.


  • The name of the newsletter is the TAWLS SLATE.


  • President Hunter resigns because of a NDEA fellowship leading to a Doctorate Degree. 
  • The procedures for the OEA Study Panel are explained.
  • Five delegates will go to Kent.  The registration fee for all three is $80.00.
  • Steve Kerlin is the new TAWLS President.


  • Sanctions are invoked.


  • Mary Karazim, social chairman, gives a report on the new teacher luncheon.


  • A representative from OEA explains sanctions.


  • The teachers vote to get their $200.00 lump sum in December.
  • An additional day must be added to the calendar to qualify the district for School Foundation Funds.


  • The possibility of planning periods for elementary teacher is discussed.


  • Postcards – 12 per teacher – are distributed to the PEP bill.
  • Jalan Aufderheide asks for donations for Ron Knisley, Stan Szagal and Dr. Migner, board candidates.
  • A health insurance survey asks if teachers were interested in the board paying all or part of the expenses.
  • Superintendent Nightingale states he will not proceed with policy changes without consultation with teachers.
  • Ed Hoon is present to explain sanctions and under what circumstances they can be lifted.


  • The Political Action committee is created.
  • The bond levy is endorsed and $50.00 is sent to the Citizens School Advisory Committee


  • TAWLS dues are raised to $5.00.
  • A letter is sent to the junior high principals suggesting the possibility of planning periods.


  • A survey is designed to evaluate the effectiveness and accomplishments of TAWLS.


  • Teachers are asked to write to legislators concerning SB 30 which requires boards to enter into negotiations with teachers’ associations.
  • The levy committee, Jalan Aufderheide, chair, asks for $1.00 donations per member.


  • Jalan Aufderheide is President.
  • The Stephen W. Kerlin Outstanding Service Award is established.  The recipient to get a plaque and $20.00.
  • OEA has established a defense fund.
  • A motion is made to send up to 25 members to the Kent Conference.
  • Teachers decide to stack their contracts.


  • A decision is made to ask that the $400.00 per classroom unit received from SB 350 be applied to the base.
  • Mary Karazim, Policy Committee Chair, reports the Committee is working on 17 policies.
  • Don Corfman, Treasurer, recommends raising dues to $20.00.


  • President Aufderheide states every teacher is entitled to 30 minutes duty free lunch (uninterrupted).
  • Andy Dieringer, Salary Committee Chair, reports three personal days, sick day accumulation raised from 90 to 120 days, bachelors plus 18 column and a specialist column have been added.
  • The dues increase fails.


  • The dues increase from $5.00 to $20.00 passes.


  • Superintendent Nightingale thanks the Association for the $500.00 donated to the levy.
  • Steve Kerlin has been elected to the OEA Executive Committee.


  • TAWLS donates $200.00 to the DuShane fund.
  • Wayne Davis, Political Action Committee Chair, states that TAWLS is supporting Mary Karazim and Jalan Aufderheide for NWOEA offices.
  • Ned Lattimore is the new TAWLSLATE editor.


  • TAWLS hosts NWOEA at the Kent Leadership Conference. He purpose is to promote Jalan and Mary as candidates for NWOEA President and Secretary, respectively.



  • Jalan resigns as TAWLS President, Ray Scofield assumes the gavel.


  • Mary is elected.  Why not Jalan?  He has changed his mind and is running for OEA President-Elect.


  • Steve Kerlin will serve on OEA’s Finance Committee.  He reports a split in OEA between classroom teachers and administrators is brewing. 
  • There is a report that OEA dues will be .004 of the average teachers’ salary by Ray Scofield.  Life members are still available.
  • Andy Dieringer reports that the survey to rank fringe benefits is complete.
  • The yearly calendar is placed in the hands of the Policy Committee.
  • Andy also reports that the increased revenue from the new 4 mill levy passed in December was not enough to cover the increases in teachers’ salaries for 1968.


  • Glenn Darr, Regional Northwest Coordinator is introduced to the Executive Committee.
  • Senator Oliver Ocasek will be the spring banquet speaker.
  • The Executive Committee endorses re-election of James W. Weldeshofer for H.D. 77.


  • TAWLS will fund up to 30 members to the Kent Conference.  Preference will be given to teachers with the least experience.
  • Sam Burnett reports that he and Burnell Brandeberry were the only ones at the Elementary Principals’ Convention in Dallas that had an Association that helped finance their trip.  “The felt as though they were out in front of everyone else there.”
  • Mary Karazim reports a policy revision that stipulates a teacher who has received injuries while in the line of duty through assault by a student or parent will not lose sick leave days or loss of pay.


  • Volunteers are needed to work for the levy.  TAWLS will donate $1.00 per member.
  • Wayne Davis, Political Action Committee Chair, recommends support for Ray Nies for H.D. 77.  $2,000.00 is granted to Jalan Aufderheide and Ray Nies’ campaign.
  • Homor Nightingale explains state statute 331.106 concerning annexation and commends the Association for working with OEA to try and change it.  Ninety-five percent of the original school district is now in Toledo.
  • Tom Gschwind, Salary Committee Chair, reports that one of the Board’s representatives finally stated that they had been ordered by the Board not to discuss money items at the table.


  • Laurel St. John reports that a book, Little Black Sambo, has been removed from the library at Horace Mann because of parents’ disapproval.



  • Wayne Davis reports a favorable meeting with the OEA Executive Committee concerning Bill 331.16 and the matter will be referred to the Legislative Steering Committee.
  • Jalan Aufderheide has been elected OEA President-Elect.


  • Glenn Darr is at the General Assembly meeting.
  • Tom Gschwind gives an extensive negotiations report.
  • The meeting is recessed until 6:30 a.m. on Monday 1/27/69, at the Con Weissenberger Post.


  • Glenn Darr and Jerry Weis worked with the committee.
  • Parents are advised to listen to the radio, it is agreed that if schools are closed, principals should report to their buildings to safeguard the children.


  • OEA staff members present to assist are Glenn Darr, Jerry Weis, Bill Stoltz, Bill Oliver and Bill Martin.
  • Tom Gschwind recommends rejection of the last proposal.
  • A Professional Study Day is declared.
  • The meeting is recessed until 7:00 a.m. on 1/28/69.


  • Tom Gschwind presents details of the agreement. 
  • The package, as recommended, is accepted.


  • Don French moves the Professional Negotiations Bill be supported.


  • Ray Scofield resigns effective 6/6/69 “to accept a position in the business community.”
  • Mary Karazim reports the policy dealing with grievance procedures has been sent to the Board for approval.
  • Fred Hamrick, Political Action Chair, reports the County Commissioners have stated they have too many problems in the City of Toledo to consider absorbing Washington Local into the City.
  • John Hall has our bill written and OEA is looking for a sponsor.


  • Don Corfman is installed as the new President of TAWLS.  The mileage allowance is raised to $.09


  • Paychecks will now be every other Friday rather than the 1st and 15th of each month.



  • The dues amendment to rise to .004 of the average salary of elementary and secondary teachers in WLS failed 20-32.
  • Ray Nies will be supported for Toledo City Council.


  • Members are urged to work for the renewal levy.
  • Joe Bailey passes out principal evaluation forms.  They are to be given to the building principal upon completion.


  • Mr. Kinsley, Dr. DeGood and Mr. Turner will be supported for the Board of Education elections.
  • The Executive Committee votes to support a resolution from Eastwood Education Association concerning a state-wide walkout.


  • Judy Paluk is elected to the NWOEA Executive Committee
  • $250.00 is donated to Bill McDonald’s campaign for OEA President Elect.


  • There is a report that Sanctions Alert passed at the OEA Representative Assembly.


  • Negotiations Chair, Tom Gschwind, reports that the first priority is more planning time for elementary teachers.


  • Tom reports that the Board has agreed to use the art program to provide more planning time for teachers, provided eleven qualified art teachers can be hired by September.
  • A Task Force Committee is formed to study the financial status of our system for the past ten years.
  • BR handbooks are distributed by Lois Williamson and her committee.
  • Ray Althouse is the Calendar Committee Chair.


  • TRIE – Tax Reform for Improved Education – to convince people of Ohio that legislation should be enacted to improve education.
  • Jim Whiteman is the TAWLSLATE editor.


  • Mary Karazim and Steve Kerlin are re-elected to NWOEA positions.  (Secretary and OEA Executive Committee Representative.)


  • Mark Barton is the new chair of the Teacher Evaluation Committee.
  • Ray Althouse passes out forms for educational expense deductions for income tax.
  • The Washington BRs express concern over the condition of the parking lot.
  • Jim Grau, Negotiating Team Chair, reports the Board’s team will not negotiate after 11:00 p.m. and only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  They came to the table with no proposals, the district’s budget is grossly inflated.


  • The Executive Committee votes to issue a Sanctions Alert.


  • A telephone committee is established.


  • Mary Karazim reports policy changes so eligibility for maternity and general leave has been reduced from three years to two.


  • Paul Kimmelman, President-Elect, announces that there is no Board policy on teacher dress, therefore, teachers are free to wear pantsuits.
  • Members are urged to write a letter to President Nixon to establish a Cabinet on Education.


  • Fred Hamrick reports our sudden death bill has been introduced, it is HB 829.


  • Jim Grau distributes copies of the tentative salary schedule.  It is a straight six index.
  • Delegates to OEA are instructed to oppose unification and resist any dues increase over 6 mills.


  • OEA 6 mills dues passed, NEA unification was defeated.
  • Members are urged to write to Don Fraser and Marigene Valiquette concerning HB 829 and other bills concerning education.
  • An account for $1,000.00 is established for legal fees.
  • A motion passes that past presidents of TAWLS become life members of TAWLS.
  • A summer BR workshop is planned.


  • TAWLS sends 13 leaders to the OEA Local Leaders Conference.
  • Mary Karazim is the Chair of the OEA Committee.


  • Information is given on the Wage Price Freeze by President Paul Kimmelman,
  • Unification, OEA, NWOEA, and TAWLS is now in effect.



  • Paul reports on his trips to Washington DC with Bill McDonald, OEA President, and Stayner Brighton, Executive Secretary of OEA, to meet with Congressman Ashley and officials in the Office of Emergency Preparedness concerning Phase I and Phase II of the W.P.F.
  • Don Corfman, Jim Grau and Jim Roberts were thanked for preparing materials used in Washington.  
  • Don Corfman, Political Action Chair, urges letters be sent to Thomas Ashley.


  • IRS has informed TAWLS that levy campaign and candidates for office can be supported from dues money without jeopardizing our tax-exempt status.
  • Jolene Schueman, is the new TAWLSLATE editor.
  • Dean DeLong approved 20 out of 29 applications to attend the Conference on Instruction, along with $3.00.  (This will fund 5 out of the 20.)  TAWLS voted to fund the others.  There will be a rebate from OEA.
  • It is voted to fund $100.00 for Don Corfman’s candidacy for NWOEA Executive Committee


  • There is no answer from the Superintendent concerning the use of money during Phase I.
  • An article on TAWLS Policy Committee is featured in Ohio Schools.


  • Money is taken from the contingency fund to pay for rental of Gladieux I and II for a General Assembly meeting on 11/17/71


  • Don Corfman is elected to OEA Research Council.
  • Jalan Aufderheide is elected NEA Director.
  • Don Corfman asks teachers to give a day’s pay for EPAC,  and to write thank you notes to Congressman Ashley.


  • President Nixon has until December 24 to sign or veto the bill on retroactive pay.
  • The Superintendent and Clerk Treasurer have been to Columbus and were given information on the formula and the amount of money WLS will receive, but they refuse to negotiate until they have a print-out from the State Department


  • A motion is passed that no unsigned editorials will be printed in the TAWLSLATE.
  • Ray Althouse distributed forms for deductions of educational expenses for income tax.


  • Teachers are asked to stack contracts.


  • Jim Grau is the new President.
  • TAWLS dues are now $26.00.
  • A Sanctions Alert is declared on WLS.
  • OEA is asked to form an Urgent Advisory to determine if a state PR&R investigation should take place.
  • Don Corfman is in Columbus to lobby our bill.


  • Mary Karazim reports the Policy Committee is working on the Professional Growth Profile.
  • Dick Wittenberg is endorsed for HD 44 and $1,000.00 is voted for his campaign.
  • Carol Norton is the TAWLSLATE editor.
  • SAAWLS is being formed.
  • EPAC donations can go through the Treasurer, Don French.
  • Kindergarten teachers, through Janet Woolover, ask for 1/8 of specialist’s time.


  • Don Corfman reports on Issue #2.
  • Tom Ashley and Arthur Wilkowski (HD 46) are endorsed.
  • Art will back HB 829.
  • Ray Althouse is the Calendar Chair.


  • The Sanctions Alert and Urgent Advisory are lifted.
  • Issue #2 has lost.


  • Mary Karazim, Steve Kerlin and Don Corfman are directed to write a position paper on issues pending at the OEA General Assembly.  (Unification Con Con – we are opposed.)  The Con Con vote should be by all OEA members.


  • Ray Althouse passed out tax forms of 1972 educational expenses.
  • PR & R Committee Chair, Peg Dawson, reports that allegations submitted by the kindergarten teachers have been completed and recommends these be made the top priority in the next negotiations.


  • Members are asked to contact friends about the levy renewal.
  • Ballots on Unification will be sent Wednesday.  Members are urged to vote their conscience.


  • Jerry Ice, Negotiations Chair reports a deadlock.
  • A General Assembly meeting is called for 6:00 a.m. Tuesday, April 17th at Gladieux I.
  • TAWLS agrees to pay for subs so negotiations can be held during the day.


  • The Board’s package is unanimously rejected as presented.
  • A motion is made for a Study Day.  It passes.
  • Larry Shelt is appointed chairman of a work committee to prepare picket signs and arrange work crews.


  • Study Day continues.
  • Gus Scully’s committee has hand bills ready to pass out stating our position to the community. 
  • Most buildings are closed.


  • At 6:15 a.m. Jerry Ice reports tentative agreement to agree to an Advisory Panel.


  • Don Corfman reports on HB 917 – Wilkowski-Wittenberg delaying a takeover for ten years.
  • Past recipients of the Stephen W. Karlin Award will comprise the selection committee for the next winner.


  • Hal Thorley is present to answer questions on UniServ.


  • TAWLS is presented a 5-Star Award.
  • The Advisory Panel will meet September 14th.


  • A 3.5 mill operating levy will be on the November 6th ballot.  All members are needed for support and work.
  • The Executive Committee votes to support Board candidates Phillip Rapp, William Markin and Ronald Rimelspach.


  • Ray Nies and Doug DeGood are endorsed for City Council, Harry McCrum for Sylvania School Board and Gary Revill for Walbridge Village Council.


  • The Advisory Panel Report is received.


  • The impasse agreement is accepted.


  • Ray Althouse made available forms for educational income tax deductions.


  • Jerry Stoltz explains UniServ.
  • Powell Kingsley is the TAWLSLATE editor.



  • Unification information meeting guests: Don Traxler, OEA President, Ed Hoon, Bill Canacci, Harry McCrum, Betty Hamilton from the Division of Classroom Teachers.


  • A committee is formed to establish guidelines for four additional outstanding teacher awards.


  • The negotiations package is accepted.


  • At a new teacher’s dinner, Don Corfman gives a history of TAWLS, and stresses, “TAWLS stands for the improvement of education and working conditions in this school system, and unless each member takes an active part, they are cheating themselves, fellow workers, and their students.”
  • Margie Faber is now the TAWLSLATE editor. 
  • A motion is passed that the new Vocational Wing be considered a separate building for the purpose of membership and holding BR elections.


  • Powell Kingsley gives plans to support the .8 mill bond levy.  $500.00 is donated to the campaign.
  • Sol Wittenberg and Dick Wittenberg are endorsed.
  • EPAC’s goal is $1.00 per teacher.
  • Displeasure is expressed over lack of subs for specialists.


  • A request is made to the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade teachers to send sample copies of their special materials to the teachers at Shoreland who lost theirs in the fire which destroyed the nine portable classrooms.


  • Ray Althouse stated he will have tax forms for educational expenses available in the rear future.


  • A General Assembly meeting is held to consider negotiations for carry-over money.


  • A vote to spend $300.00 to support Don Corfman as a candidate for NWOEA Unit 3 representative to the OEA Executive Committee.


  • Don Corfman explains the Equal Yield Funding program to be phased in over the next four years.  Members are urged to write to legislators in support of the program.



  • Ray Althouse gives the Calendar Committee report.


  • Barb Rainey is the new TAWLS President. 
  • There is a discussion of the department chairmen situation – all were terminated to give the new principal an opportunity to review the positions.


  • Concerns are expressed about policy violations with teacher transfers.


  • Jess Yoder is supported for Lucas County Board.
  • Betty Schultz and Henry Metzger are endorsed for the WLS Board.
  • Bill Dailey is the TAWLSLATE editor.


  • An attorney is consulted about the new personal leave policy.
  • Volunteers are needed for the bond issue campaign.
  • The President is directed not to exceed $500.00 for the campaign in donations from TAWLS.
  • The new grievance policy is discussed.
  • Kindergarten teachers still teach 55 minutes a week longer than other elementary teachers.
  • The guidance counselors now have lunch duty at Whitmer.


  • The Executive Committee adopts a resolution regarding the position of the Whitmer principal on blue denim slacks.
  • The Executive Committee authorizes the officers to enter into a UniServ contract for a six month trial period.


  • Donations are collected for South Point.
  • TAWLS adds $400.00.
  • Members are urged to write legislators in support of a fair dismissal law.


  • Contact Ray Althouse for educational expense forms.


  • Our EPAC quota is $1.00 per member.
  • SB 208 (Teacher Tenure) needs letters of support to legislators. 
  • The Board grants relief sought on the denim situation.
  • Support and $300.00 is given to Sandy Wasielewski for the NWOEA Executive Committee campaign.
  • Don Corfman is serving on the OEA Finance Committee.



  • The officers are mandated to seek agreement with the Board over adherence to seven policies or issue a Sanctions Alert.


  • The officers report the results of the agreement.
  • The Executive Committee stands ready to help in the development and implementation of the report.
  • The President is directed to address the Board.


  • UniServ is extended for another year.


  • Larry Shelt is the new president.
  • TAWLS receives a 5-star Award. 
  • OEA is formulating a legal service plan.


  • Barb Rainey is Northwest I UniServ Chairperson.
  • Work is being done on a fair dismissal policy.


  • The Superintendent has stated they are not prepared to open negotiations early.
  • Barb Rainey is Negotiations Chairperson.


  • Oral arguments and briefs have been presented in our court case against the Board.


  • The Board has appointed a Board member to their negotiations team.


  • A thank you was received from Mrs. Althouse.


  • Larry Shelt commends teachers for their attitude during the energy crisis. 
  • Mr. Nightingale has written principals indicating to them there is no staff dress code.
  • Mr. Bishop has “painted a very bleak financial picture.” 
  • Ray Althouse Memorial Fund contributions can be sent to Don French.


  • The Ray Althouse Memorial Scholarship Fund is established.  Superstar competition is announced to raise additional funds.


  • RID procedures are explained.  Thirty-six teachers are RIFed.
  • TAWLS now has negotiated an article whereby non-members can be charged for services they request.
  • The team is not working on money proposals since they are contingent on a levy.


  • TAWLS endorses passage of both 5.8 and .1 mill levies.


  • Tom Gschwind is the new president. 
  • A brief has been filed in Federal Court for violation of freedom of speech, and the Association lawyers will also file in common pleas court the case concerning tenured teachers placed on the RIF list ahead of those on limited contract.


  • The court finds in favor of Chris Roebuck and the Board has given her a two year contract.
  • The Board’s offer is rejected for negotiations.


  • The team recommends acceptance of the Master Contract.


  • Elementary BRs meet to discuss problems in their buildings.


  • Guidelines are adopted for conference reimbursement.


  • TAWLS dues are now .35% of the base teachers’ salary.


  • The new salary package is accepted.


  • TAWLS will file the necessary papers for incorporation.
  • TAWLS support for Bowling Green Association’s strike are conveyed.


  • A local Sanctions Alert is issued.



  • The Awards Committee proposes Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Classroom Teacher Award, and Outstanding Educator Award.


  • TAWLS endorses Don Wilson.
  • Monetary awards for the new awards will no longer be given to the winner(s) but the $250.00 and $25.00 will be donated in their name to the Ray Althouse Scholarship Fund.


  • The TAWLS negotiations team is announced.


  • The counselor grievance over cafeteria duty has passed level 2 and is now at level 3.


  • Non-members will be billed $95.00 (one dollar per day for the 95 days left in the school year after negotiations were completed.) for services rendered in negotiating a new contract.


  • Mark Barton is the new president.
  • A newsletter to the community will be organized by the PR Committee.


  • A meeting is held for elementary BRs.


  • Don Corfman’s candidacy for OEA Executive Committee Member-At-Large is endorsed.  $400.00 is contributed.


  • The Elementary Caucus is established.


  • Elaine Mollencopf is endorsed for OEA Executive Committee and $25.00 is contributed.
  • The Superintendent intends to recommend RIF of 18 elementary and 8 secondary teachers.


  • $300.00 is to be sent to the Ravenna teachers.


  • The suit against non-members is now in Appellate Court.



  • Signs, letter writing, working only contracted hours, are initiated in support of the negotiations team.
  • Informational picketing at Lincolnshire and the basketball games is organized.
  • A confidential survey is taken.


  • Jon Binkley is endorsed for NWOEA President and $100.00 is donated to his campaign.
  • Mary Karazim is endorsed for NWOEA Unit 1 representative.


  • The Federal Mediator is called for impasse.
  • Twelve elementary and five secondary teachers are to be RIFed.
  • Wally Smith will be our new UniServ Consultant.


  • Both Board packages are rejected.
  • Job actions are initiated.


  • Radio and newspaper ads are authorized.
  • The Open House boycott and picketing plans are completed.
  • Arm bands are distributed.


  • The package is accepted 356 – 39. 
  • A motion is passed to collect $20.00 per member and six hours of time to elect new Board of Education members.


  • $7,100.00 can be used by UniServ to purchase a word processor.


  • TAWLS wins arbitration on the health benefits of RIFed teachers.
  • The new TAWLS dues are .25% of the bachelor’s base.
  • The judge rules that the Agency Fee language is not a constitutional problem and non-members must pay.
  • Letters to legislators are needed in support of the Collective Bargaining Bill.


  • Howard Nehrig is endorsed for the Board of Education.


  • OEA begins a series of workshops on the Collective Bargaining Law. 
  • NEA Lobby by Mail cards are distributed.



  • Members are encouraged to donate $5.00 for the campaign to defeat issues 2 and 3.


  • The negotiations survey is distributed.


  • Information is gathered for the Curtis et at. Suit.


  • Mary Karazim is designated the official spokesperson for TAWLS during negotiations.
  • The levy is endorsed — $250.00 is donated.


  • The joint PR Committee is established.


  • The Board has hired an attorney for negotiations.
  • The RIF list will affect twenty teachers.


  • Mary Karazim is the new president.
  • Mark Barton and Larry Shelt are named Negotiations Co-Chairpersons.


  • A tribute is read and a moment of silence is observed for Jim Roberts.
  • The negotiating team reports the next three weeks will be critical.
  • Ads in the local newspaper and communication to parents are both authorized.


  • A thank you note is read from the family of Jim Roberts.
  • A letter of sanctions has been received from the OEA Strike Investigation Committee.
  • Flyers have been mailed to parents.
  • Mary Karazim reports that if we were to forgive any part of the past dues fees for Fair Share Fee payers who decided to join, the attorney says our lawsuit would not be jeopardized.


  • The Fact Finders Report is rejected 331 – 39, 1 abstained.  (60%necessary would be 268 votes.) 
  • It is moved that SERB be notified of our intent to strike effective 12:01 a.m., October 18, 1984.  Yes – 321, no – 34, 1 – abstained.



  • Larry Shelt reports that the negotiations team has given the Board’s team notice that we will not be available after 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 17.


  • The motion to accept the Board’s offer is rejected.  356 – against, 25 – for, 17 – abstained.


  • Strike begins.


  • The number of teachers out remains at 95%.


  • The Executive Committee adopts a resolution to co-guarantee interest-free loans with OEA.


  • Don Wilson addresses the General Assembly and says if a strike is to be successful three things are necessary – good leadership, and excellent negotiating team, and the support of all the resources of OEA – TAWLS has all three.


  • 2:30 a.m. – officers and team toast 438 winners.
  • 3:10 p.m. the General Assembly meeting for contract ratification is called to order.
  • 5:22 p.m. the meeting is adjourned.
  • Ratification vote:  395 – accepted, 5 – reject, 1 – abstain.


  • A committee is formed to make recommendations about the funds donated in the name of Jim Roberts.
  • Elaine Kunz suggests that plans be made system-wide for honoring our retiring teachers.


  • First pay check under the new contract.
  • Pay Day candy bars and a “reminder” are also distributed.


  • A thank you note has been received from AP Parts striking workers for our contributions to their Children’s Christmas Party.
  • The suit for 120 sub days by TAWLS has been settled out of court.  The offer covered six years retroactive pay and 90% of the money the teachers sought.


  • Karen Johnston reports changing the name of the scho9larship fund to the Employees Memorial Scholarship Fund.



  • A committee is formed to address the problem of the deteriorating discipline system-wide and its effect on academic excellence.


  • $500.00 is donated to the levy campaign.
  • Ellen Bires reports the plans for the first kids in Action.
  • Mary Karazim announces the Bus Buster pins now are available for all who were on the picket line.
  • Members are encouraged to attend Penta County to give testimony about certification changes.


  • 172 TAWLS’ members have contributed $1,226.00 to EPAC.


  • Ken Wilson, Barbara Herring, Richard Case and Tom Wilson are endorsed Board of Education candidates.


  • Postcards are passed out to be sent to Marcy Kapter, Howard Metzenbaum and John Glenn concerning their support of Ohio’s separate retirement system. 
  • The first joint PR committee function will be the Retirement Banquet.
  • Jerry Welter announces that one of our endorsed Board candidates had to withdraw.
  • Support is given to Mary Brogan in place of Barbara Herring.


  • At the request of the Educational Marketing Group, $2,000.00 is donated to the levy campaign.


  • A friend of Education Award is voted for each member of the EMG who is not a member of our “education family”.


  • Plans are discussed concerning Kids in Action.  $300.00 is approved for Elaine Mollencopf’s campaign for NEA Director.
  • Elaine Kunz and Karen Shelt are endorsed for the NWOEA Executive Committee.


  • Mary Karazim is elected NWOEA Unit 1 Representative to the OEA Executive Committee.


  • $3,232.00 has been collected for EPAC.




  • Mary Karazim will serve on the OEA Program & Budget Sub-Committee.


  • The $1,000.00 donated to Jefferson Tech’s strike is approved.


  • A committee is appointed to develop an evaluation form for administrators.


  • The Back To School planning is in progress.  To date 115 community members are involved.


  • Mary Karazim and Wally Smith are designated the official spokespersons for TAWLS during negotiations. 
  • $1,000.00 is donated to the Homer Illinois Teachers’ Association strike.
  • Currently 16 TAWLS members are enrolled for the Leadership Academy not including Mary Karazim and Richard Ehret who are on the committee.


  • Negotiations begin.


  • The new contract is ratified.


  • Ken Wilson is endorsed as a Board candidate.
  • John Michael Tollison and Roland Hansen are endorsed as candidates for the Lucas County Board.
  • $2,000.00 is donated to the levy campaign.


  • The Executive Committee meeting is preceded by an NEA Presidential Endorsement Hearing. 
  • We have we fair share fee payers.
  • The EPAC total is $4,400.00.


  • TAWLS donation to the Employee Memorial Scholarship Fund, upon the death of a member, is raised to $50.00.


  • $1,000.00 is donated to the Meigs strike.
  • A cap of $1,000.00 is placed on support of the February levy campaign.



  • Conrad Lippencott addresses the Executive Committee concerning levy support/concerns. 
  • A war chest is created and each staff member will be asked to contribute at least $10.00.
  • A motion is passed to create a matching fund from reserves with a $10,000.00 limit.


  • The OEA legislative campaign ads will be placed in The West Toledo Herald and The Point Place Shoreland Journal.


  • Jan Jones from Lima is endorsed for OEA Vice-President.
  • $100.00 is donated for her campaign.


  • The proposed Early Retirement Plan is ratified by the General Assembly.


  • Carol Barron is the new president.


…and the adventure continues…